Composite Vs Amalgam Fillings: Why Replace Amalgams?

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What Is An Amalgam Filling?

Amalgam fillings--commonly referred to as silver fillings-- are a mixture of metals that are packed into the tooth in order to build the structure back up, and to protect the tooth against developing further decay.

While amalgam fillings have proven to be exceptionally durable and long-lasting, they are considered to be unsightly, as they give a dark and unnatural appearance to the tooth. They have been known to cause microfractures in teeth over time. Usually teeth need to be cut deeper and undercut to hold the filling.

What Is A Composite Filling?

Composite fillings--known as white fillings-- are made up of a strong and durable resin material.  These fillings are bonded to the tooth. Usually less natural tooth is cut away to place this type of filling.

Prior to filling the tooth with composite material, your dentist will choose a shade that matches your natural teeth in order to ensure that they are nearly indistinguishable once they have been placed.

Composite fillings are now the standard for teeth fillings in most modern dental offices, as they are aesthetically pleasing and safe. In fact, there are only a few instances in which amalgam fillings are preferred over composite fillings, such as when the filling that is needed is extremely large and is located in the back of the mouth. 

Why Should I Replace My Amalgam Fillings?

There are a few different reasons to consider replacing your amalgam fillings. 

The first reason to consider is, of course, your health. It’s important to keep in mind that amalgam fillings contain mercury and lead; both of which have been examined to cause negative effects on both the brain and kidneys, as well as various other health conditions.

Another reason to consider replacing your amalgam fillings is the aesthetic qualities of your fillings. While amalgam fillings fill the tooth with an easily-noticeable dark spot, the shade of composite fillings is custom-matched to your natural teeth. This allows the teeth to be successfully restored with a filling that is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.

While amalgam fillings were once the only option for restoring a damaged tooth, composite fillings now offer a much more visibly attractive and healthier solution.

EZ Dental: Best Tooth Fillings in San Jose, CA

If you are considering replacing old amalgam fillings, or if you would like to speak with a dentist about your options for restoring your teeth, the dental team at EZ Dental is here for you.

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