Do You Have Dry Mouth?

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Do You Have Dry Mouth? Your Dentist Can Help

Those who suffer with dry mouth, clinically known as xerostomia, can attest to the fact that it can be extremely uncomfortable, and it can make simple everyday tasks, like eating or speaking, relatively difficult. Dry mouth is also known to lead to other health problems like tooth decay and bad breath. Fortunately, there are treatment methods your dentist can provide that will help you maintain a healthy and happy mouth. Continue reading for more information about dry mouth, as well as how your dentist can help you treat it.


Dry Mouth Symptoms

Below are the symptoms that are associated with dry mouth:


What Causes Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, can be caused by a number of different factors. Below are some of the most commonly examined causes of dry mouth:


How Is Dry Mouth Affecting My Health?

While dry mouth can be extremely uncomfortable, it also has the potential to cause a number of different health issues. Saliva is the mouth’s natural lubricant that helps prevent bacteria growth in the mouth and keep the area lubricated and clean. Below is a list of the health conditions associated with dry mouth:


How Can My Dentist Help Treat Dry Mouth?

Before your dentist can help treat your dry mouth, they will first have to identify the cause of your condition. If it is determined that the medications you are taking are the cause of your dry mouth, your dentist will recommend that you speak with your general health practitioner in order to determine if your medication can be changed. If your dry mouth has been caused by an infected salivary gland, your dentist will prescribe you antibiotics to ensure that the infection is cleared up. If it is determined that your xerostomia has been caused by another health condition that you may have, your dentist will attempt to work alongside your general doctor to accommodate their treatment plan. Below are some of the treatment options that will be made available to you through your dentist:

Your dentist will also recommend that you take some steps at home to encourage saliva production, such as:


Dry mouth can be extremely uncomfortable, but combining both clinical help from your dentist and changes at home can make a considerable difference in your condition. Speak with your dentist at EZ Dental about how he or she can best help you manage your dry mouth.

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