How Do Extra Cleanings Help with Diabetes and Heart Disease?


What’s the Connection?

So, how is your oral health related to your overall health?

Gum disease, known clinically as periodontal disease,, is a chronic infection of the gum tissue and the underlying bone known as the periodontium. .If periodontal disease is not regulated and is allowed to progress, the infection has the potential to travel into the bloodstream, which can negatively affect numerous different areas of the body.

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that is formed around the teeth. When not removed, the saliva contains minerals that harden this plaque into calculus which can only be removed by your dental professional .Over time, this bacteria can eat away the tooth enamel and underlying bone that holds the tooth.  During your dental visits, the hygienist with insert a probe between the tooth and gums to measure your “pockets”. If the pockets are 4mm or greater, the dentist will then determine the level of gum disease present and devise the best course of treatment  for you.  The gum tissue consists of many blood vessels and  plaque and calculus in your mouth may travel through the bloodstream, it has the potential  to go to many areas of the body  that can lead to and affect patients with   stroke, heart disease,  diabetes, respiratory issues  and more.

Periodontal Disease Symptoms

Those who develop gum disease commonly experience the following symptoms:

Patients with serious cases of gum disease often experience shame or embarrassment about their condition due to tooth loss and bad breath.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is many times successfully managed with deep routine cleanings known as scaling and root planings

During scaling and root planing, , the hygienist will take the time to remove all harmful calculus  both above and below the gumline. The hygienist may use a laser to remove microscopic bacteria in and around the gums. Also in deeper pockets, an antibiotic may be placed to help in healing and help in prevention of periodontal disease.

Your hygienist will then take note of the depth of the pockets between the tooth and gum before scheduling you for your next appointment.

Why do I Need Extra Cleanings?

Regular dental cleanings, known as prophylaxis cleanings, are routinely done every six months.

Scaling and root planings are the initial form for treatment of periodontal disease.. Once gum disease develops, it can not be cured or reversed; it can only be managed to prevent progression. It’s crucial to stay vigilant with maintaining your oral health to ensure that you will not face serious health consequences further down the line.

If you have been recommended for periodontal  treatment, it’s highly likely that you’ve been asked to return for  periodontal maintenance  visits in order to complete your hygiene treatment. This is usually done every 3 months. At these appointments, the hygienists will measure your pockets to make sure they are shrinking.  The hygienist will scale and root plane the areas that need it. This is done as a proactive step taken against your gum disease; your dental professionals are simply taking all necessary precautions to ensure that your condition is not allowed to worsen.

Not only does this protect the health of your mouth; it protects the overall health of your body, as well.

Gum Disease Treatment in San Jose, CA

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