How Does Fluoride Help My Teeth?


No worries, we’re breaking it all down here; continue reading to learn how fluoride helps your teeth.

What is Fluoride?

There’s a common misconception that fluoride is toxic, or that it is a man-made additive. This couldn’t be further from the truth; fluoride is a natural mineral that has proven to be exceptionally beneficial for the teeth.

Fluoride’s Impact On Tooth Enamel

Each tooth is protected by a protective outer layer called the enamel. With the consumption of foods and beverages that are high in sugar or acidic content, the enamel loses valuable minerals. This process is known as demineralization, and it places the enamel in a weakened state, susceptible to the development of decay.

Fluoride is an essential part of remineralization, the process in which essential minerals are added back to the enamel of the teeth. It helps enforce and protect the enamel, and can help reverse early signs of decay.

Fluoride is also extremely beneficial for developing teeth, as it helps prevent acids from attacking or penetrating the enamel that is in the process of developing.

Will I Benefit from Fluoride?

Fluoride is good for everyone’s teeth, but there are some cases in which fluoride can be exceptionally beneficial. These cases include:

How to Add Fluoride to Your Diet

There are multiple ways to ensure that you can take advantage of the numerous benefits that fluoride has to offer, such as:

Using a fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash twice daily is a fantastic and simple way to get the fluoride your teeth need. May parts of San Jose do not contain fluoride in the water system. Also bottled water and many filters, take out this natural mineral.  You can contact your water system to confirm if they provide the flouride in your water system. 

So it is wise to speak to your dentist or dental hygienist about topical fluoride treatments; in most cases, you will have the option for receiving a concentrated dose of one during your routine cleaning and check-up appointment. The process is simple and quick; in most cases, you simply relax while the fluoride is allowed to sit on the surface of the teeth. 

Fluoride for Teeth in San Jose, CA

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