What is In a Bone Graft?

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If you have been recommended for bone grafting, it is important to understand what it is. Continue reading for more information about what is in a bone graft.

Why Do I Need a Bone Graft?

Bone grafts are done in order to restore missing bone structure. This is done for a number of reasons:

Types of Bone Graft

There are a few different types of bone graft available for use. The type that is used will be determined depending upon the preference of the dentist, the location of the site in the mouth, and the personal health history of the patient. Below are the types of bone graft that are commonly used in modern dentistry:





With the information you learned here, you’ll have a better understanding of what bone grafting is, as well as what it is composed of. Here at EZ Dental, we are here to find the solution that works best for you. To speak with our team of dental professionals in order to determine if you are a candidate for bone grafting, give us a call at (408) 227-6000.

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