Why Do We Need to Get Fillings on Baby Teeth?

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Continue reading to learn more about why it’s necessary to get fillings on baby teeth.

Why Does My Child’s Primary Tooth Need a Filling?

Many parents have the misconception that since baby teeth will eventually be lost anyway, there’s no need to have the child undergo restorative treatment on the compromised tooth and the tooth can simply be removed.

While it is true that the tooth will eventually be lost, the human body is designed to lose the baby teeth once the incoming adult teeth have developed and are ready to descend. 

As the adult tooth develops, the baby tooth’s roots dissolve, allowing it to break free and fall out naturally with little to no pain or blood. Removing the tooth before it is ready can be painful for the child, and can lead to issues with the development of the adult tooth.

For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that your child undergoes the treatment they need in order to restore their damaged or decayed baby tooth.

 Once the caries has penetrated the enamel, it’s likely to spread throughout the tooth, allowing the caries to become larger and larger until it reaches the central nerve.In primary dentition, when the caries gets to this point, the tooth may be extracted. We want to prevent any infection getting to the new developing permanent tooth. When a primary tooth is lost too early, meaning the permanent tooth is not ready to come out, a space maintainer may be placed to help keep the space open. 

Baby teeth, known as primary dentition, are usually all lost by the age of 12. However, this can vary patient to patient.  Primary teeth keep the space for the permanent dentition. 

Preventing Decay in Primary Teeth

Your little one relies on you to keep them happy and healthy; this is especially true when considering their dental health.

To prevent caries, encourage your little one to keep a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Keep sugary snacks to a minimum, and always have them brush directly after meal or snack times. 

Avoid allowing them to sip on juice throughout the day, especially in sippy cups; extended exposure to the sugars in the juice can easily break down the enamel and cause decay.

Of course, the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy smile is proper hygienic care. Help your child brush and floss twice daily, and ensure that they attend their cleaning and check-up appointments as needed.

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